DataStage Performance Tuning

DataStage Performance Tuning can be done at 3 levels.

  1. Job level
  2. Sequence level
  3. SQL level

Job Level:

  • Use suitable configuration file (no.of nodes, hardware config, data volume)
  • Pickup proper Partitioning Algorithm for the stages and avoid re-partition the data again (Use Same partition algorithm).
  • Sort data before using some stages like aggregate, join, merge.
  • Remove unwanted columns, filter rows at earliest/source level.
  • Use DB stage SQL to sort, filter and join tables.
  • Choose Join, Merge and Lookkup stages based on Data volume.
  • Minimize the use Transfer stage.
  • User Buffer parameters if required (APT_BUFFER_MAXIMUM_MEMORY (3MB Default- incr upto 30mb), APT_BUFFER_DISK_WRITE_INCREMENT, APT_BUFFER_FREE_RUN).
  • Don’t use Run time Column Propagation if not required.

Sequence level

  • If there is no dependency, run the jobs in Parallel i.e., create Job Activity (for jobs in Sequencer) in parallel without giving trigger condition.
  • Use the Terminator and Exceptional Handler for better terminating the seq.

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